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If you suffer from an overly dry home during winter, a dehumidifier installation may solve that problem. Contact us today to find out more.

The weather here in the Bothell area produces some brutally cold winters and dry climates. Many people suffer from the ill-effects of dry household air and assume there’s nothing they can do to alleviate it. Home Squad recommends installing a dehumidifier to make your home more comfortable during winter. Contact us today for more information, and be sure to ask about our 99er special.

Our air duct cleaning service ensures you get the best air quality out of your HVAC system.

Best Reasons to Install a Humidifier

The air in the house during winter often becomes dry and irritable, which leads to a host of problems that can be solved by installing a humidifier. Check out the following benefits.

  • REDUCED RISK OF FLU - Some studies suggest that a humidifier reduces the risk of catching influenza because higher humidity levels reduce influenza particles.
  • KEEPS SKIN SOFT & HYDRATED - When the air in your home is dry, people suffer from dry skin and chapped lips. Adding moisture can fix these problems.
  • REDUCES SNORING - Adding moisture to the air helps you breathe better and can decrease snoring as you sleep.
  • HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS - Increased moisture in the air keeps plants from drying out and helps protect wood floors and furniture.

Helping Families Just Like Yours

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Financing options available

Time to make upgrades to your home? Why take from your savings to pay for it? We provide convenient financing to make your HVAC and appliance upgrades an enjoyable and easy process. Apply using the link below for fast credit decision.

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Best Place to Install a Humidifier

To get the most benefits from a humidifier, where you place it is crucial. Many experts recommend putting the humidifier in the room where you spend the most time, like the living room or the bedroom. Also, you can get better performance from the humidifier by placing it on a stand or table that raises it about two feet off the ground.

To get the perfect humidifier installation, contact the experts at Home Squad.

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How Big of a Humidifier Do I Need?

To get the right sized humidifier, figure out which room it will go in. For best results, install multiple units throughout the house; however, if you only have the room or budget for one unit, fit it according to the room.

Many people make the mistake of buying the biggest humidifier they can because bigger is better, right? Well, no, not in this case because you may end up putting too much moisture into the air, which can lead to mold buildup and warped wood.

Contact us and let us find the perfect humidifier for your home.


To get the best air quality in your home during winter, contact Home Squad and ask about an AC dehumidifier installation. Call today at (425) 312-6767 for service in the Bothell, WA area. 

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