Defeating Allergies With Your HVAC


Excuse us, it must be time to call our HVAC specialist here to give maintenance to our units in the office. Many of us here have allergies so that is of great importance! In fact, like many of you reading this probably, there is a good portion of people with allergies who don’t utilize or update their HVAC as much as they should. That’s why we’re here to help out! We have some tips on how to protect yourself from those horrible sneezes: 

  • Blowing in and taking air from the surrounding areas around it, your HVAC unit should be rid of debris in those areas. Otherwise, you’ll be inhaling all that dirt and dust into your system and we’re sure that your lungs would appreciate it if you avoided that. 
  • High-quality filters go the lengths to protect and filter through those microscopic particles that will definitely get your sneezing and coughing acting up. If your filters are dirty or old, they aren’t going to protect you from what it needs to!
  • This might seem obvious, but it is truly helpful – use your HVAC system often! Allowing it to not sit idle and collect dust or even become run down will do your HVAC system a great favor in the long run. Be careful not to use it too much though. 
  • Ensure your indoor humidity levels are appropriate or else there will be issues with mold and spores (check out our article on this: 
  • If you wipe down your registers and return vents with a damp rag in order to stop the particles from flying everywhere. 

Home Squad can help you with this last tip — schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance appointments. Spring and fall season is the best time to schedule this so go ahead and give us a call at (425) 312-6767 .

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