Windy Washington: Prepping Your HVAC


BRRRR!! Now we’re really starting to feel the Washington weather coming in this week. First the intense winds were ravaging everywhere and now we have the biting air settling in. You’re probably feeling the effects of this weather, but imaging your HVAC system! Sitting outside there, inhaling all that cold air for you. It deserves some nice treatment to be able to endure it and run efficiently for you!

All the debris and icky stuff that the wind carries can enter your unit and cause damage. One of the worst things to happen is an object blocking your unit’s blade or the condenser’s fan grill.

Here are some preventative steps: 

  • Cover your AC to block that debris from sneaking in! Make sure not to use plastic or else it could accumulate moisture and cause corrosion. 
  • Don’t run the unit while the cover is on. Remove it once the weather settles down. 
  • Clean out your yard to make sure there’s nothing that can be picked up by the wind and fling itself towards your unit (this includes toys, branches, trees, etc.). 
  • Ensure the wires are protected to prevent any shortages. 
  • Tighten any bolts that are holding down your unit. 

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