Shipping on Rocky Waters

Okay, so this isn’t the Titanic kind of ship chaos or anything like that…

However, it has been significantly affecting Puget Sound’s shipments. As of October 14th, there have been around 15 ships anchored at Puget Sound marine ports since the work in the warehouses is backed up due to a lack of staffing. So these ships filled with cargo and shipment goodies are patiently waiting on the waters until they are able to be processed. 

Moving these cargo ships to other destinations hasn’t been working either since the overall truck industry is also feeling the overload of work currently. Other actions being taken to provide a solution to this issue is increasing the hour's gates are open at terminals so it’s not as congested. 

What does this mean for us or you?

Well, shipment delays means anything anybody is ordering will be on backorder for a while. In our case, parts for appliances and HVAC repairs are experiencing heavy delays to arrive. Unfortunately, holiday shopping is not going to be a fun experience (even more than usual), so we recommend you buy those gifts ASAP. 

Along with delays is the issue of increase in prices for cost of goods. To move a 40-foot container will cost $15,000 – $20,000 instead of the previous $3,600 to $3,900. 

At the moment, all most of us can do is wait and see how this will play out. 

If you need any HVAC, appliance, furnace, electrical, or roofing repairs, you know who to call! (Us, your superheroes). (425) 312-6767

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