Mold in HVAC


From the look of it to the smell of it, mold is a sneaky intruder in many households you don’t want and more common than you think – especially in your HVAC system. Once your HVAC system has been attacked by mold it’s game over. All the vents and air ducts connected around your house will be infected by the mold if you continue to run it.

And mold isn’t just uncomfortable to see or smell – it can affect your health as well. From allergic reactions (rashes, watery eyes, or a runny nose) to difficulty breathing and headaches, mold in your house is not something to take lightly. If you or anyone else in the household has asthma, this can pose a grave problem.

This fungus can easily mold itself into your HVAC system (especially in warmer climates) if you don’t regularly check it and have inspections done. Mold grows off of dust, animal dander, dead skin cells, and dirt that accumulates inside and around the HVAC system. High water vapor content in the air also contributes. Unfortunately, the spores are usually difficult to see with the naked eye, so you’ll have to rely on a great sense of smell to find indications of mildew or moldy smells.

It’s recommended by the EPA that if the mold is spread over 10 sq. ft., then you should call a professional service to clean it. Re-infestation is highly plausible, so having the mold properly cleaned is crucial. To prevent mold from spreading in your HVAC system, you can:

  • Replace the HVAC system filters regularly.
  • Check the duct system to ensure it’s dry and absent of leaks and condensation.
  • Insulate the ducts.
  • Clean the drip pans regularly (you don’t want that water collecting) as another preventative maintenance method.
  • Call a professional service to check up on your HVAC system (like us)!

In order to grow m-old together, properly observe and maintain your HVAC system!

If you’d lke to have you HVAC system serviced, contact us at (425) 312-6767.

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