Cove Dishwasher Recall

It may be cold right now, but you probably don’t want to warm up to your dishwasher that’s on fire…

So if you didn’t know, Cove Appliances have announced a recall on certain Cove Dishwashers in response to some reports of burning smell, flames, and smoking inside of the dishwasher. There have been no injuries reports, but it’s better safe than sorry!

Here are the certain conditions and model of the dishwasher (the make and model/serial #’s can be found on the outside of the door and on the right side of the control panel, located on the top of the unit’s door): 

  • COVE Appliance 24-inch, built-in residential dishwashers. 
  • Model #: DW2450 & DW2450WS
  • Serial #’s that are 20000100 through 20044445 
  • Purchased between February 2018 through May 2021.

This recall affects the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, meaning around 42,4250 units across the board have been recalled. If you haven’t gotten the chance, check your dishwasher for these conditions. Give HomeSquad a call at (425) 312-6767 or email them at They will send a technician to you for free to inspect and repair your dishwasher, like replacing the heating element. Make sure to unplug your dishwasher right away as well!

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