Filter That Air Properly!

So far, we’ve talked about changing out your AC and furnace filters, but what’s the when and why? 

Air filters are pretty inexpensive, but they are often ignored or disregarded. This leads to clogging, premature breakdowns, and extra air pollution in your home, so it’s probably best to avoid those issues earlier. At the very least, you should get it serviced or replaced every quarter or once a year. If you have any of these aspects in your home, then your air filter may really need an inspection:

  • Your unit is run all year round. 
  • You have a large family or lots of people over
  • Indoor smokers
  • Owning pets (your furry friends often shed which can get caught in the filters)
  • You live in an area with frequent wildfires

Overall, it’s recommended to have regular maintenance for your HVAC system to keep it running well. Cleaning/changing your filter is one of the easier tasks to maintain your HVAC. This ensures:

  • Improvement for your home’s air quality
  • The chances of your HVAC breaking down reduced
  • Drastic increase in performance during peak usage times. 
  • Dust and allergen prevented from affecting your health

Your life will be a lot easier if you filter out all that bad stuff – give us a call at (425) 312-6767 if you need any HVAC help!

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