NEW From LG: Upgradable Appliances

Upgradable appliances? What’s next, flying cars? 

Well, not quite, but LG has released news of their upcoming lineup of appliances that can be upgraded with new hardware attachments and software downloads. Each house is unique in its structure and people living in it, so these upgradable/adjustable appliances will cater to those different needs! In hopes of customers using their appliances for years to come, this lineup was created. 

LG President Jae Cheol Lyu states: “We want customers to experience the feeling of getting a new washer or refrigerator throughout the entire lifecycle of an LG appliance, not just the first time they bring the item home.” 

These upgrades are claimed to add or improve functions onto current appliances to prevent having to replace or trade them for newer models. LG gave an example with their LG PuriCare (air purifier) where a family recently purchased a pet (a very fluffy one at that) and would need the purifier to filter through the shedding and everything that comes with a furry one. In this case, there’s no need to fear because the Pet Care Filter will suck out all the dander and fur in the air! Just need to attach the upgrade either physically or through technology. 

LG will start by releasing the washer and dryer version of this lineup first later this year. Afterwards, around 20 types of upgradable appliances will be released throughout the rest of 2022. Prices will be released later in the year as well. 

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait before we can play around with these new upgrades. For now, if you need repairs on your appliances, you can give Home Squad a call at (425) 312-6767!

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