Prepping For That Spring Humidity

You may be thinking it’s too early to think about Spring, but in fact it’s right around the corner and it’s better to prep now than later!

Even if you cannot feel it, irregular or improper humidity levels can be detrimental to yourself and your home long-term. Seattle is actually labeled as one of the most humid cities in the U.S., which may come as a surprise, but that humidity is definitely in the air. It is important that you do not expose your house to an abnormal amount. There are several ways to combat humidity in your home, including maintaining or installing a HVAC system which you can read more about here. Another option would be to install a dehumidifier!

Other than the fact that, obviously, a dehumidifier will remove humidity, here are some reasons to convince you to install a dehumidifier: 

  • Reduced Risk of Flu. It’s proven that in warmer weather, climates reduce the risk of influenza. While not 100% preventative, having a humidifier in your home can reduce the chances of flu infection. 
  • Keeps Skin Hydrated. You may notice in colder months that your skin becomes dry and your lips may become chapped. Adding a little moisture to the air can alleviate these issues. 
  • Reduces Snoring / improves overall breathing. Do you or your partner suffer from snoring? Having a humidifier in your home can reduce this by adding moisture and taking away the dryness in your nose.
  • Increased home quality. Increased moisture in the air keeps plants from drying out and helps protect wood floors and furniture.
  • Reduces mold and condensation on glass windows and doors. As moist air becomes more dominant then so does mold. Found on windowsills and bathrooms with poor ventilation, mold can destroy a home if not prevented. If you see your doors or windows sweating that is a telltale sign there is too much moisture in your home. 
  • Stale Smell. The precursor to mold, a stale smell in various rooms of your home will show your nostrils a sign that there is an excess of moisture in that room. 
  • Paint Problems. In extreme cases if left unchecked, moisture in warmer climates can cause paint to blister and peel. If you see signs of this it’s time to purchase a dehumidifier immediately. 

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